RSS Medical Solutions

RSS Medical Solutions - Who we are?

In  a nutshell - Experienced Medical Professionals operating Medical Centres across Astralia very efficiently

RSS Medical solutions was established in 2018 by Mr. Subash Reddy, Dr. Rajesh Jawajiwar and Dr Shashi Ranjan with the aim to make general medical practice experience more streamlined and seamless for both Medical practitioners and Patients.

Over the years we have taken initiative to bring our practices serve more intuitive services and build positive relations with satisfied patients and happy families.

Since this time, the number of medical practices within the group has grown to four as of December 2022.  RSS Medical solution family has grown to more than 40 staff and 20 contract doctors.

As we continue to grow, our Mission, Vision and Values guide our decisions, along with the warmth and commitment to excellence of our team members which makes it possible to provide best in class healthcare experience!

Our Mission

Creating doctor owned general practices with patient centered care, supportive practice management and create structured to make clinic administration possible for doctors.

Our Vision

Providing best in class healthcare experience with the help of experienced medical practitioner and ability to provide specialist services accessible to all our clinics in long term for a 360 healthcare solution.

Our Values

We have strong and transparent principle when it comes to healthcare. Deliver on our promises – Respect Patients from all Backgrounds – Provide High Quality Care – Make Healthcare Accessible

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