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Get started with initial and on going support in maintaining medical practice

RSS Medical solutions provides complete medical administration service suite to operate, administer and maintain a healthy and successful medical centre business.

Our team consists of experienced Practice Managers, Finance Managers, Established GPs, Marketing people who knows their business domain and adds value to the going practice & management tasks.

Our aim is to create efficient and established general practices around the Australia with the help of professionals that are best in their capabilities.

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Medical Administration

Creating doctor owned general practices with patient centered care, supportive practice management and create structured to make clinic administration possible for doctors.

Employment & Recruitment

We have pool of ready to service GPs, Practice Mangers & other staff for various requirements, medical practices benefit from available & experienced staff to work with.

Policy & Compliance

Our administration staff is always in check with latest updates and make changes whenever required to keep practices running smoothly without interrupting GPs & support staff

Supply Chain

No need to worry about supplies & standard medicine -our network is capable of pulling in any requirements and follows established stock keeping practices to ease healthcare experience.

IT Support & Services

We provide IT support such as setting up accounting, email, websites and other communication channels to get started on interacting with patients with little to no down time while practice operates normally.

Medicare Setups

Our experienced team knows their ways with medicare and standard practices to arrange all the necessary documentation to get started with medicare and bulk billing practices

Website & Booking Setup

Our services includes setting up booking services with providers, our administration staff will help on boarding with new vendors and digitization of practice while as GP you are able to fully utilize your time dedicating to patients.

Marketing Setup

We promote both GP & Specialist services with the help of modern technologies and advertising technologies while keeping marketing in compliance with latest healthcare updates from the state & allow growing local reputation among residents.

Start with Practice Health Check & Review

Reach out to our administration staff to get started with initial practice health check& review to find if your practice is eligible for opting our services, all the communication is confidential and done in order to find best suitable option to help both businesses.

Our administration will guide you through initial appointment with Practice owners/stakeholders to discuss Practice issues and agree on scope and process for the Health Check review followed by Questionaire and checklist.

Once first phase is passed a Written report and action plan would be provided to get started with next followup. All the process is done remotely at your convince however in person meetings can be arranged on request.

That's not at all...
We help with on-going consulting & management

Consulting Services are available for ongoing support and development.Since each practice has their unique business requirements, we tailor to their needs and provide efficient solution that works in favor of business growth over time. 

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It's simple, connect with our administration to know more about opportunities to make your medical centre more efficient, standardised while you are able to persure your special interests and provide patients best in class healthcare from your experience